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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 9AM  ABC  August 18, 2010 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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stieringer good wednesday morning, it's 9:00, middle of the week. i'm megan pringle. jamie costello is off. every once we try to help you get back to work. today we have a great guest who's going to talk about the myths we hear about resumes. we're also going to introduce to you two very inspiring women, their stories are amazing. we're calling them iron women and when you hear why, it's not only because they're participating in a really physical race but also the stories #450i7bd them. also on wednesdays our friends come in. the big story today is the
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weather and traffic. thanks megan, yes, it's been a fairly difficult rush hour so far this morning. especially with the heavy rains moving through and affecting traffic. it really in a negative way. let's look here at our cameras to give you an idea of what's happening, this is 97 at lout 100 -- 97 at route 100. arundel county getting hit hard. we have reports of high water that are causing lane closures at route 450 and huntwood drive. that's going to be the outer loop lanes on the left-hand side of your screen, traffic is going to be stop and go, wet roads not really helping things any. on the top side at hartford road, traffic is jammed from 95 as you approach delanie valley, so give yourself lots of time there. no accidents around 695 at this time. this is just volume and rain
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foolery just messing things up for everybody. let's check our maps real quick to give you an idea of the incidents we're working. an accident at arg way. if you're travel eastbound on white marsh boulevard getting on that ramp to northbound 95, that is closed at this time due to an accident and we're still keeping an eye on the situation in arnold, northbound ritchey highway closed at college parkway because of a downed tree. justin berk's been over there in the weather center. he's been keeping an eye on all of this heavy rain. it's been a rough morning and i think you kind a new phrase, rain foolery. we've been blaming it on a guy named tom. montgomery and pg, that goes until 10:30 depending on how the flood waters rise. there's more rain to come though. a flood watch for most of
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central maryland from baltimore cut around towson southbound through southern maryland and through the district of columbia and much of virginia. heavy rain is possible at any point in time today and we've already seen that. check out 2-1/2 inches of rain and we're still adding. at the harbor school in annapolis, they've filled the parking lot. temperatures at 67. we may have very well seen our high temperatures at midnight which were in the upper 70s in many spots. we've got just barely a few hundredths of an inch on the north side, the heavy rain has been locked in around the belt way. about a quarter of an inch in perry hall, almost an inch and a half in noseville. it's rained for about two and a half to three and a half inches around the d.c. area, rockville at 2.68 and almost 3 inches in falls church, virginia. we'll go back to anne arundel county, what you can see here is
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basically north of annapolis arnold through severna park and glen burnie, that is where we have the heaviest rain with maryland's most powerful dopplar radar. it's 50 out towards the bay bridge, 97 out through glen burnie, does ease up back toward severn, but we're watching another batch of heavy rain along i-70 from southern sections of carroll county, sibegsville, heavy rain back toward mount airy. as you can see, we have heavy rain on the eastern shore so crossing the bay bridge definitely going to be a slow go. we can show you with this in motion, the rain extends back towards the west an breaks up in northern virginia tfills back in here in west virginia, along this stationary frontal boundary. a couple of waves of low pressure will be riding our way so, at any point in time, we continue with that threat of locally heavy rain. that's why our flood watch
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continues. 9, we were close to that at migd night, i doubt we're going to get back to that. we'll probably be in the low 70s and mid-7 #0s of the rest of our forecast in the next half hour. now to today's hot topics, what will happen when my child gross up. absence 2 news john donovan has the story of a father who asked that very question and found an entire community ready and willing to answer. >> reporter: it's a great attitude where all it took to get through life, then tyler billion of pennington, new jersey, would be set. a day in the life of tyler from the moment of the alarm goes off still requires step by step teaching of the very basics. >> brush teeth. >> reporter: with severe autism, he needs help. he can't make his own breakfast out instruction or do the dishes without guidance. >> this is your to do lists that most of us don't need to do
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lists for. >> reporter: while he has the help now and the parents had to fight for that, educators and therapists and programs mostly paid for by the state there is a serious catch coming n four years, tyler turns 21 and all this support ends. >> what currently exists for adults that have autism? >> very little. it's scary, very scary. >> reporter: if you believe as his parents do that tyler can keep on growing, can, for example, earn a wage, learn a job like helping the local girls softball coach, then it's almost tragic to think that the map of his life and literally that's what this is, a graphic depiction of where he's been and where he might end up tragic to consider this destination, an adulthood in isolation, which is how many adults live with autism now. do you have it work out his future once he turns 21? >> no. >> reporter: tyler's dad is a
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senior official at autism speaks, and even he struggles how to figure out tyler's future. that's how the map came to be, two long weekends where tyler's mom and dad gathered those who are connected to tyler and committed to keeping that connection. >> you have the right to an awesome future. >> reporter: amanda is the teach who are is with tyler every day in school. bob is one of the youth leaders at church. heather, a close family friend. >> i'm here because i love tyler and i'm one of the unconditional people in his life. >> reporter: because it's a fact thatis his mom and dad will not be there forever. >> i don't know a parent who doesn't go through that emotional feeling of what happens if i go before my child does. >> which is the way it's supposed to be. >> which is the way it's supposed to be. >> reporter: which is why that map also has a place for a younger generation. >> it does take a village. >> reporter: a village people
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like -- >> we're lucky enough to live in a community that has great resources for dealing with autism. path finders for autism is a state organization and its dedicated to improving the lives with people in autism. we at the village here in baltimore and rebecca ramsey is the director thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> we both looked at each other at some point and had tears in our eyes. it's an emotional thing to see a community together. >> we were founded to -- by parents of children with autism who wanted to find a path for their children and help be able to locate resources in the community more easily because at the time ten years ago when we started finding those answers was difficult, and so our founding board wanted to blaze that path for other families. >> have we come a long way in the past ten years? >> we absolutely have.
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there's a tremendous amount of more resources as far as service providers in the state and through the the country. we've learned a tremendous amount about autism and the types of therapies that can assist and help the outcomes of an individual. there's still a long way to go. we don't know a cause or a cure but the community is coming together to make that path as easy as possible for families and the individual. >> what i really like, too, is you guys deal with the individual who is dealing with autism and living with it but also the parents and siblings, it's tough on everybody. >> absolutely. the whole family is affected. not always just the immediate family. the grandparents, aunts and uncles, community, classmates, everyone is affected fwha individual and like anyone in life, we all come together, we all impact each other in school, at work, and that individual brings gifts and brings challenges like we all do to situations. >> for the family that is
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dealing with autism, what do you think is the most important for them for them to know? >> regards to adulthood? >> yes, getting into adulthood, how do you prepare for something like that? >> sure. it's a scary time, and at path finders, because we do have a help line we get that call quite a bit. i think it's important for families to realize, particularly when their child is young that the services they are getting through the school system, there's entitled service and at age -- ends at age 21 or when the child leaves the school system and then they enter the world of eligibility and waiting lists as far as public services are concerned. but they need to know what the public services are and primarily in maryland there are two agencies they can go to, that being the division of rehabilitative services and the developmental disabilities administration. they both offer community support services, division of rehabilitative services offers training and support but that
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program is 18 months long and after you are completed that, you are turned out into the community with no additional support and there's a waiting list for that. also, dda services, developmental disabilities administration services, they are community support services, again, day program employment, residential, there's a 19,000 person waiting list for those programs. >> wow. >> families need to know that those public programs are not waiting for their child. they need to have other plans in place. they need to think about special needs trusts and planning as far as who long-term may care for an individual if that person needs support their whole life. they also need to get creative and think outside the box. >> sort of like that map we saw. >> families, there's parent groups that are coming together and starting service organizations that their children have a place to go in adulthood with appropriate support. and the community at large knows
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that an -- needs to know that a person with autism is a productive member of society, so opportunities for where they can contribute to the community, whether it be volunteer services or paid employment, often times with modest support in place, they can be very productive tax paying citizens. when look being at funding public services, that should be considered, that we should -- we're not warehousing or individuals with developmental sdablgts, we should not be be doing -- developmental disabilities, we should not be doing that. we need to put support in place so individuals can contribute. >> give everybody your website. >> our website is www. -- >> thank you for coming in. >> we appreciate you spending the time here and brafrg the weather. we want your two cents on today's hot topics. on our facebook fan page, we posted a question about this
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story, do you believe services should be continued beyond the age 21. ace writes in yes, it should. autism is a lifelong thing and services should be continued. we want to know what you think, we want your two cents on today's hot topic. you can read more about this story and weigh in, just log on to our wmar facebook page and leave your comments. well, if you're trying to get back to work, we know it's hard, your efforts may start with a resume. coming up, we're going to debunk three myths surrounding those resumes to help you get the job you want and work on that resume. plus, it is pack bach to school time and that means buying new clothes. the five tips that you need so you don't spend a fortune. this is a great time of year if you like water mellon or cantaloupe, we're going to tell you what to put on your grocery list today. we'll be right back.
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hard to believe that it is time to go back to school in baltimore county, at least for first time teachers. while children certainly get nervous on the first day of school, teachers also seal fooel some butterfly, especially if
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it's your first year. they welcomed a whole new group of new teachers to let them know they have a support system to lean on. students will be in class starting august 30th. a new school year means new clothes, so if you missed the tax free week in maryland, don't worry, absence 2 news' linda so has tips. >> reporter: what's in and what's no the? every year year there seems to be new trends tore to the school year. before you start shopping for back to school clothes, sit down with your kid to make a budget and a list. >> what happened when you go to the grocery store without a list, you buy things you don't need and spend more money that you really need to. >> reporter: tracy garnan is owner of the dressed for success helping people make a lasting
9:18 am
first impression without breaking the bank. the second tip she offers is do your home work before heading to the mall. look in your kids' closet and find out what they already have then go online to find the best prices for what they need. >> a lot of malls have web sites, stores have web sites, magazines, you can even go to the mall and to do a look see, know that you're not going to purchase anything but just walk through, see what the child needs. >> reporter: be willing to compromise with your child. >> your kids just want to fit in, let them dwell on the more important things like their school work. if they want a pair of skinny jeans, i guarantee you you can find a pair of skinny jeans in your bij and fit well. >> reporter: not every kid enjoys shopping for clothes but trial try to get your child involved as much as possible. >> look at magazines, talk with your child about what's in style, what they need. >> reporter: if you have a tight budget, try to sell your clothes on getting clothes at a
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secondhand shop. now i want to introduce to you in amazing women. iron women. hundreds of women that are inspiring all of us in the area are going to head to centennial park, they've going to swim, bike and run. this is all their commitment to health, to jump start the final hurdle in their recovery. maybe they lost a loved one to cancer, maybe they are a cancer survivor. two amazing women this morning, abby glassville and patty mills. >> thank you for having us. >> i'm amaze by your stories. you lost 150 pounds. >> correct. >> this is your first race. why are you doing this is this. >> you know, a year ago i was up over 300 pounds and i had gastric bypass surgery and my surgeon thinks that you have to incorporate exercise as part of, you know, i've given you the
9:20 am
tools you need to succeed to get your mind, body and soul back together, but you need to do your part, and you know, as moms, we back burner our own health saying we're too busy, our kids come first and we don't realize that we need to incorporate exercise and something for ourselves to, you know, have these kind of health goals. and you know, i was no longer able to participate in my kids' day to day activities because i had, you know, let my health suffer badly, so i feel like i got, you know, all of those tools that i needed back with the help and support of, you know, some amazing friends and women, and you know, kind of fulfilled what my mom had always told my sisters and i to do was surround yourself with strong people who so when you know, life gets you down or gives you hard times, that you notice, they'll be there to lift you up when you can't lift yourself up, and that's exactly where i was.
9:21 am
155 pounds later. >> amazing. >> i'm going to be participating in the iron girl triathlon on sunday and ifr this in front of me. i'm nervous and excited, and i'm a first time participant. >> abby has actually done the iron man. it's amazing because you had a double mastectomy, a hysterectomy and here you are participating in this race, incredible, abby. >> i think this race is even more inspiring than the iron man. it's just these women are taking such big steps, and everybody at iron girl has a story, whether it's somebody like patty, somebody who's recovering from cancer, somebody's lost somebody to cancer or just that woman who's never been in a race before. there's 2500 women, each one of them has an incredible story. >> it's really important, would you say for women to get together and support each other?
9:22 am
it's one thing we really don't do enough. >> the cam raddy rhode island camaraderie, there's so many groups that help you get ready, every day, every weekend, you will see women out on the bike course and it's a challenging course, too. >> before we go, you have a friend who raised money for this. >> we have a friend who started the circle team four years ago when -- in 2006 when iron girl started, and she has started a community of women who train together and who raised close to $30,000. >> they support girls and wichl to get their lives and community outreach and give back and invite other women in to do exactly what you said. we don't support each other enough, that it really takes a group of women to pull together to help, you know, one of their own and that's kind of what iron girl, that's the spirit of iron girl is to really, you know,
9:23 am
give us all these health goals and you know, pull us together. >> our friend, maura dunigan has five children of her own. >> and still manages to do it. >> and inspires a lot of other women to get involved. >> she's one of my team members for the iron girl and she constitutionally signed me up for it and put this out in front of me knowing full well i had no idea what i was doing. >> sounds like you guys are lucky to have her. we want to let you know the race is happening. here's the information, it's triathlon which means you bike, you run, you swim, and we wishing you both the best of luck. i know you'll both be great. it's scary whether you do it for the first time. it's amazing how many people you are inspiring sitting at home saying i can't do and i've never done it, you can. stay with us, we'll be right back. coming up next, if you guys like
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melons? everybody sdchlt we have some great tips for picking out the perfect watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydue, whatever it is. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable? here's what you should be watching: your cable bill, because you could be paying way too much. stop spending more for second best. upgrade to verizon fios and get tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month. and here's a special bonus: you'll also get the fios tv movie package -- 60 premium channels, including starz and showtime -- plus epix -- free for 12 months.
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this is the time of year for melons and we're lucky to have produce manager dave in. you always come in, you have great tips and i was saying to you this is always intim dates
9:27 am
me because i want to guy bye it. >> you can look at all the other cantaloupes, honeydews, watermelons intimidate everybody because they are r they're thicker -- they're thicker and you don't know if they're ripe. . what do you do? >> well, watermelon, what you're going to do is pick up your watermelon, it will give you an indication as weight. you want it as heavy as possible. that tells you the moisture content inside the watermelon. >> heavy is a good. >> heavier the better. you want it as juicy as possible. watermelon is about 80% water. you talk about dehydration in the summer, watermelons have a high water content. just kind of bump on it a little bit. you want to see if it has a hollow sound to it, still has that firmness to tthe skin is still kind of hard so it's not starting to go bad.
9:28 am
also you want to take a look on the side, the yellow spot where it's lying on the ground, you want the biggest yellow spot, that was on the vine the longest period of time. >> this looks unusual to me. is it or am i just not in the produce aisle enough? >> it's similar to cantaloupe. the reason you haven't seen it because it's not available year around. these are muskmelons. they're not going to be perfectly round shape as a regular cantaloupe will. they're absolutely distinguish, so i mean, i highly recommend them if you like cant lopes. >> with a lot of melons, you can't judge a book by its cover. >> everyone's used to cantaloupes, honeydews, there's hundreds of varieties out there. they all have their unique taste. some of milder, some a little
9:29 am
bit tarter, some are a little bit sweeter. not everybody likes a sweet sugary can lope. your basic ones are available year round and you have your specialty melons, the orange fleshed melon. >> pretty. >> those come out, they're available for about two and a half months out of the year. they're going to have a similar to a cantaloupe, they're going to be hard on the outside, have a waxy coating to them. don't get turned off by that. what you want is much a waxy feeling as possible, because the sugar got through the skin and it's ripe. it's deep dark orange inside so it's really good looking. if you're going to make something for the a party and want to get the seeds out of the inside and put strawberries in there, you can decorate it up. >> if you have a question for dave, you can find him in the produce aisle. >> it's the caribbean ambrosa
9:30 am
salad. >> go ahead to head to or if you want to see this whole interview again, all you have to do it head to our website and check it out. coming up next, if you're struggling to find a job, have you taken a look at your own resume? we're going to give you three valuable tips that could have you rewriting your resume and hopefully landing you a job. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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thanks for joining us this morning. time to get you back to work. we do this every single wednesday for those of you who are looking for a job and those of you who are struggling to be noticed in this tough i don't know market that's probably the hardest part. we're working for you. we asked to you submit your resumes and we're going to feature them not only online but on the air this wednesday. let's take a look. >> hello, i am william russell. i have completed college courses in business management and speech communications. i have training in microsoft office, event planning, and research. i am seeking a position in which i can utilize my skills to make
9:34 am
me more successful. we please contact for an interview. thank you very much. >> greetings, my name is lavisa whittington shelton, my background is in law and medical terminology. i am an accomplished creative planner an organizer with work experience in resource identification and management. i also have experience in teaching and training in music and christian bible study. i'm an independent worker who can manage multiple projects. please contact me for an interviewer at your earliest convenience. thank you. >> my name is jessica green, i hod hold a bachelor's degree in psychology. i should be hired for my strong skills and strategic planning in company and marketing relationship building. my skills, education helps management run easy. the last position that i held required work in independently in a high volume of admission and
9:35 am
discharges and processing company contracts. thank you for your time. please reach me at jlgre, en3407 at ya >> if you just saw that and say, hey i want to do the some thing, we would love to hear you from. e-mail your resumes the best resumes wmar. please attach your resume as a microsoft word document. you come in, tape a 20-second video pitch and we put that online as well as on the air. you want to see what else is out there? all you have to do it go to when you get to the web page, click on the money tab at the top of the home page, then you click on back to work. if anybody knows something about getting back to work it's the woman sitting next to me. this is francina harrison the career engineer. >> the career engineer. >> i think one people always struggle with is the resume and there's myths outs there.
9:36 am
>> big ones. >> the first one, this is not a myth but back in the day when i was looking for my first job, your resume should only be one page. >> big myth. dwr y-do people read those harry potters books, they're interesting. your resumes have to be interesting, packed with performance, accomplishment, and leadership. we call that pal. if people can remember, that performance, accomplishment and leadership and it can be wonderful. i have a two-page resume, president has a two-page resume. >> the president? rchl. >> yes snchts there -- >> is there anything that can be too much? >> never more than two pages. >> okay. >> if you can get it all in one page and looks nice an visually stunning, fine. someone new to the work force, one, two years, you can do a one page. but if you've been employed for ten years, it will go to two pages. >> the next myth you say is the
9:37 am
resume gets you the job. >> absolutely not true. that's why i think -- >> you know people would spend hours on it. >> that's why people put chapter and verse. we have 30 seconds, so the resume is supposed to do is get you a contact for that meeting that interview what where you need to rock and roll and sell yourself. if your resume is in your marketplace and you're getting the right interviewers with the right market, it's doing fine. if it's not, you need to recheck. start writing it with every chapter, verse, it's what have you done with what you have. >> and the last one is resume blasting is the way to go, what is that. >> i'll have people call me with our client hey i just blasted my resume to 5,000 people. >> goi, yeah, that's great. well the other other 15 million people are doing the same thing. for our client base the ones that are getting the jobs it's the hidden unadvertised market that golden unadvertised market. you have a target, need to have a plan. so we advise folks who really
9:38 am
finds those 100 companies you want to work for, use networking, of course to find the decision maker and sdil market your -- skill market your resume to knows folks. >> it's harder. >> you can go to and there's so many of those. >> they have great marketing teams but everyone is there. the best way to increase your employability, check out the companies. welch we have a niche board, those are the places where all the good companies are posting their jobs. >> good to know. >> if they have a question for you, how do you they get in touch with you? >> we have a conference coming up on the 18th in the harbor. they can find us on facebook, we're sharing job tips and career stuff all the time. >> francina harrison is the career engineer, if you have a question that's where you go. thank you so much for coming in.
9:39 am
>> no problem. love it. stay with us this morning, we're going to talk more on the political candidates in our area as we count down to the primaries in just a month. today we are heading up to hartford county and checking in on the sheriff's race.
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9:41 am
sgloonchts we have that flood warning in anne arundel county, flood watch every where else.
9:42 am
we've got heavy rainfall right now and that extends all the way through laurel where really heavy rain is pushing off i-95 and towards the east. overall, we have this rain that will continue on and off for the morning hours. little knott right on top of us. we may get a break around lunch time and more possible this afternoon and evening. we'll have our complete forecast in just a few minutes. listen, if you're celebrating a birthday today, happy birthday. there it is. if you would like a birthday shoutout, tell us about. send us a short e-mail and attached picture with you and your family or friends, send it to the morning show at give us all the information. time now for featured events. this is when you e-mail us personally and say this is what's happening in the complunts. john wants to head out to the patterson creative park alliance that's on eastern avenue. 8:00. the co-founder with his brother
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jack seminole band half japanese forms kuku rocking. they said basically 20 years ago they had the intention of recording one album and never playing it live. turns out, it's a rerelease party so all the information is there. go to tickets run from 10 to 12 dollars. if you have an event happeninga n-your community, we would louvre to know about it. e-mail me or jamie at morning show at we'll be right back.
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ey raley time now for our democracy 2010 coverage of the candidates running in our area. it is a chance tore you will all of us to learn more about every single candidate before the primary on tuesday, september 14th. kelly swoope sat down with one of the republican candidates for sheriff. joining me is jeffrey raley, candidate for sheriff. tell me what you see as the most important issue facing hard forward county now? >> as far as the sheriff's race, it would definitely be the increasing violent crime we've seen associated with drugs and
9:47 am
gangs up there. just recently within the last two weeks, there have been four sootings in the edgewood area, homicide in the bell area and as recent as last night the homicide in the street area. that's the most pressing issue and there's solutions that go along with looking at that, currently there's a geographic approach to a certain community and i'm looking more at a countywide approach. you have to look at the geographic problems with your problems lie but you can't just look at the geographic, you have to look at the individual perpetrators, the violent criminals who are repeat efforts and you have to focus your efforts on those individuals and removing those individuals from the community is a way to solve the problem. >> tell me what would you do in office to effect the greatest change this improving the quality of life or your constituents. >> again back to the answer i just gave, i would focus on policing geographically and the individual perpetrator, specifically the repeat offender
9:48 am
working with the fellow law enforcement agencies, there's three municipalities in hartford county along with the state police. you have to work in conjunction with your law enforcement partners. the sheriff is also in charge of the correctional aspect in hartford county and that is a great aspect of intelligence that could be used to focus on the problem. the -- one of the things i would do in conjunction with that, with that plan would be to put more police officers on the street. we focus the efforts, do a complete assessment of the department and put more officers back on patrol. there's been a trend towards specialized divisions and some of those divisions have to be reviewed, analyzed and if there is bodies that can be returned to the patrol element, they have to be first and foremost, that's what the community sees, that's what is out there policing in our communities and that has to be of paramount importance. that lets you reduce costs in
9:49 am
these tibegt economic times. >> what assets would you bring to the office? >> personally, the platform that i'm running on is one of competence, character and commitment. i'm a 26 year year of the maryland state police, we have our core values of integrity, fairness and service chts i think i have definitely lived up to all of those during the past 26 years. i have that expectation of myself, i would have that expectation of my officers, i do for the ones that work for me now. i will have that for the ones that work for me in the future, a commitment to the citizens and the competence to get the job done. i've patrolled hartford county for 26 years in different ranks. during those years, we were successful in both partnering with the municipalities and effecting quality law enforcement services in the counties where i oversaw. >> what would say is the most important message you would like to convey to voters? >> well, this election is very
9:50 am
important this year, it's probably the single most important thing. there's a lot of races, a lot of races, and gubernatorial race, there's a big focus on that, there's a lot of focus on the county executive race here in hartford county, baltimore county as well, but in hartford county, i don't think there's any more race more important than the sheriff's race. this is a department that most citizens interact with on almost a daily basis or they will react with you on almost a daily basis not directly with the sheriff but the men and women of the sheriff's office. a lot of people go in and vote for the governor and budget issues, things that affect our wallet, it's not an issue where you're going to interact with government every day, with the sheriff you will. i think it's probably the most important race for citizens of hartford county this year. >> quickly, anything you want to say about what people don't know you? >> other than 26 year member of the maryland state police, all the ranks i have had direct ties
9:51 am
to serving hartford county on a personal note, i happily married for 16 years, two young daughters in the public school system and a lot more information can be found on my website. >> all right. thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> good luck to you. >> thank you. >> you can hear more from the candidates right here on absence 2. tomorrow, here on good morning maryland at 9, we're going to hear from democrat who is sitting down to run for baltimore office, so all that ahead for our candidates for -- who are running for office for 2010. if you'd like more information, head to we'll be right back.
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sglooinchtsz busy morning heres a we're o. busy morning here as we're watching the flood warning, underneath a fld watch. check this out, this is our time lapse from downtown baltimore, this is scene showing up, we've had periods of moderate to heavy rain, only picking up a quarter to half inch in the city, much
9:55 am
less further west, it almost nothing. southern pennsylvania, okay, say that, you've had some rain, but we've been watching annapolis all morning. the bulls eye seems to be over that. your temperatures knocked down to 67 but yes, we're probably get across three inches because there's more rain to be had. we're watching arnold and the north side of annapolis, a lot of it over the open waters of the chesapeake. you cross back across 97, odenton, severn and we've got ourselves a look of pretty moderate rain, shut off completely once you cross the pennsylvania line. ricers town getting in on the
9:56 am
rain. mount airy right on the edge of it. we're looking at the eastern shore, we're getting more rain, chester town and it looks like centerville right on the edge. more coming interest your vicinity. it's really just a matter of looking at the radar where these bands of heavy rain set up. as you can see the focal point, this knott on top of us, southern maryland getting hit, another knott, when i say knott, these are little waves of low pressure along a frontal boundary. the stationary front is stalled across maryland and i've highlighted three areas including this tropical low coming from the gulf of mexico. we've already seen our high temperature at midnight, disregard it at 79. we've hit the two degree guarantee but we're probably going to stay in the low # 0s. the potential will be there at any point in time. 67 degrees overnight, we're back into the mid-80s tomorrow afternoon, an isolated shower, but sun and 90 on friday and
9:57 am
upper 80s, scattered showers but most of the weekend looks dry. >> at leasts rain cooled everything down. time for today's top 5. no. 5 a dining room or calf ter yar bartender pay for $19,000 could be a bar ternsd. >> i know bar tenors that make more than that. a shampooer, $19,000, who we shampooing? >> no. 3 a dishwasher, $18,300. >> no. 2, cook at a fast food joint, $18,000 -- wait did i see to 200,000? okay. 18,200. i'm trying i to make sure i read this properly. >> no. 1, morning news anchor. food preparation or service worker just over $18,000 a year on average. tip people well.
9:58 am
treat them well.
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